The Association

Aux Rioja was founded with the idea of becoming an independent business leader, fostering competitiveness, innovation and internationalisation of its company members.

Riojan products based on excellence, innovation and quality

Part of the La Rioja Business Federation (FER), Aux Rioja was founded to bring together the auxiliary companies in the wine industry in our community with a common challenge: to showcase our products and services, seek excellence in each and promote a quality seal for La Rioja that helps to foster competitiveness, innovation and internationalisation in all company members.
29 companies
1170 employees
215 million


The Auxiliary Rioja Wine Industry Association, part of the La Rioja Business Federation (FER), was founded to promote and bolster the importance of the auxiliary companies of La Rioja whose main activity falls under the design, elaboration, manufacturing and/or services in the production and marketing of wine. The auxiliary companies of La Rioja wine are joining forces to promote products and services designed and developed in Rioja, strive for excellence and contribute all of their experience in innovation and quality, as well as their talent and human capital. The association aims to represent all links of the value chain of the auxiliary wine sector: manufacturers of capsules, cooperage, tanks, machinery and equipment, containers and packaging, labelling, chemical industry applied to wine, software and digitalization, water management and wine-related environmental services, among other activities, and will look out for the interests of its associates, representing and promoting their companies and striving for excellence in the sector.


To become an independent business leader, fostering competitiveness, innovation and internationalisation of its member companies. Promoting the Rioja seal of quality in the auxiliary wine sector both in La Rioja and also nationally and internationally; with the endorsement of experts and the know-how that comes from their years of experience working with the wineries of La Rioja. The association will promote and disseminate the actions and achievements of its associates; and defend their interests before regional, national and international organisations.


SCOPE: The members of the General Assembly, the Management Board and all of the members of the Auxiliary Rioja Wine Industry Association will be governed by this Code of Conduct.

PROFESSIONALISM AND EXCELLENCE All company members commit to upholding qualitative criteria and seeking excellence in their business undertakings. They will work to meet and demand the compliance of the highest standards in terms of quality, image, design and innovation. 

IDENTITY AND IMAGE. Each company member must be independent and join forces to foster the image of a recognisable brand, synonymous with thoroughness, professionalism and specialism. 

TRANSPARENCY. Transparency is a key factor in generating trust between clients and the association or individual business. That is why we consider transmitting the truth to clients to be of utmost importance.

INTERNATIONAL VOCATION. Company members must have an international reputation, or aspire to one, promoting their products and services in foreign markets to improve their international positioning.

INNOVATION. We are an innovative association dedicated to optimising the professional capabilities of our company members, facilitating the creation and development of innovative projects in conjunction with facilitating organisations or agencies.

UNITY. Company members commit themselves to protecting the unity of the association and its values, as well as the joining in the quest for actions and synergies with other agents and organisms that help the positioning and overall growth of the sector and individually.
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